• Women in Business

    Our mission is to create strong bonds with each other by supporting, advising, and helping to grow local women-owned businesses located in and around Farmingdale. Members will collaborate with each other regarding, among other things, issues that are unique to business owners who are women, thereby fostering relationships that will be valuable not only to our members, but to their businesses as well. Moreover, we seek to encourage and facilitate more involvement in the Farmingdale community. Our Club will offer an uplifting and comfortable environment, where members can escape from their daily routines in a relaxing atmosphere.  We welcome all women who are current members in good standing of the Farmingdale Chamber of Commerce.
    Silvia Vargas
    Chair ProPac Marketing
    ProPac Marketing is a creative an innovative promotions company continuing to focus on new & exciting ways to enhance your promotional efforts. We ...
    Catherine Gabreski
    317 Main Street
    Catherine has been in the hospitality industry for over 20 years starting with The Nutty Irishman in 2003. She is currently the Director of Operati...
    Christa Lucarelli
    Farmingdale Public Library
    Christa is the Director of the Farmingdale Public Library where she has worked since 1984.  Christa takes great pride in the services and programs ...