• Many studies show that being active in a local Chamber of Commerce is a good strategy for businesses to use. Consumers believe that businesses that are involved in the community, care about their customers and that the company is reputable. When a consumer thinks more favorably of a company because the company is a member of its local Chamber of Commerce, it is because they infer that the company is trustworthy, connected to the community, listens to its customers is successful and is a leader in the business community. 

    Meetings and Networking: The Chamber holds monthly member meetings and other networking events. Our general meeting is on the first Thursday of every month from September through June.  Networking event dates vary monthly so be sure to check our events calendar.

    We encourage attendees to bring promotional materials to share with other attendees. Each person has an opportunity to introduce their business and any special offers. In addition, a speaker is scheduled to present information on topics to help you run your business more efficiently and effectively.  Members can contact us if interested in offering a 15 minute presentation at one of our meetings.

    The Chamber has also participated in a number of multi-chamber networking events and we plan to continue to network with other chambers and business organizations. 

    Publicity and Advertising: The Chamber provides valuable publicity and community awareness.  We sponsor at least one advertising project each year that promotes members to the community in print format. 

    The Chamber is involved in many events throughout the year to promote business in Farmingdale. Our annual Holiday Parade draws hundreds of residents, parents, and children to the Main Street area. The Chamber also supports the Farmingdale Community Summit Expo, which is held late winter/early spring at Farmingdale High School. Chamber members are offered a discount on the table fee. 

    We promote all Chamber members at the Summit Expo, at the annual Columbus Day Fair, and at other community events.  Members can display their marketing materials at the chamber’s table and are always welcome to help man the tables to meet the community.  In addition, we identify sponsorship opportunities (St Patrick’s Day Parade, Main Street events, and more, and advise the members of these opportunities.)

    Promotion: Submit a Newsletter Article for extra publicity. You can also submit special events and offers for promotion in the Chamber newsletter and email blasts.  Simply email your promotion at least three weeks in advance.

    Members can also post press releases on our website as well as add their events to our community calendar.  All press releases and events are automatically pushed out to our social media accounts.

    Member-to-Member Discount Program: Offer a discount - whatever you wish - to fellow chamber members - you receive extra publicity in our newsletter and on our website (all members are also eligible for discounts from other members). 

    You can also offer discounts to the community to encourage more traffic to your business.  

    Member Mailing Lists: You are entitled to member mailing lists - simply ask for one by emailing the chamber. (These are not email lists - our policy is to not distribute email addresses - this keeps your email address safe, too!)  See the  “Promotion” paragraph if you would like something emailed to the membership.

    Increase your Internet Presence: The Chamber’s website is your opportunity to get additional exposure on the Internet. As a member, you can post your logo and a brief narrative of your business. An email link under your listing connects you to potential customers. These services are included in your membership. In addition, we also offer our members advertising banners on the Chamber website at VERY reasonable rates.  

    Social Media: Our Chamber has a presence on some of the major social media platforms.  Follow us (see our social media links on the right sidebar) we follow back and help promote our members when time permits.  

    Certificates of Origin: If your company ships products overseas, the Chamber will stamp your Certificate of Origin. Simply download the required forms and follow the instruction sheet.

    Email Marketing: Farmingdale Chamber participates in Constant Contact’s Chamber of Commerce program. This means Farmingdale Chamber members can get pre-pay discounts of up to 25% on Email Marketing, Online Survey, and Event Marketing tools.