• Plant-Based Approach to Fitness Nutrition

    Plant-based diets are becoming widely popular for vegetarians, vegans and those looking to stray from all meat sources. Whether you’re completely opposed to eating meat or simply need a break, there is a lot of research supporting a strict, Plant-based diet.

    However, there has always been a reoccurring dilemma for most plant-based diets. A lack of protein. Meat is a strong source of protein and the most commonly consumed. Especially for fitness enthusiasts…

    Whether you’re an athlete or keen on fitness, you know that protein is the cornerstone of any training regimen. Fortunately, there are vegetable superfoods that provide a quality source of vitamins, minerals, and protein.

    Looking to fuel your fitness routine with alternative plant-based food sources? Here are some nutritious sources:


    Plant-Based Proteins:

    Tofu, Tempeh and Edamame


    Chickpeas and Beans

    Green Peas




    Chia Seeds

    Brewer’s Yeast


    Sprouted Whole Grain Bread


    Plant-Based Protein Supplements:

    Vanilla Plant Protein:

    Sourced from 100% pure, raw, vegan-friendly ingredients, PipingRock’s non-GMO Plant Protein Blend features nutritious pea, brown rice and hemp proteins for a powerhouse powder that can be added to your favorite shakes and smoothies! It delivers 16 grams of protein in a single scoop.


    Pea Protein Powder:

    This vegan-formula is the perfect addition to any post-workout routine! 3 Tablespoons offer 100% Pure Pea Protein Isolate plus other valuable vitamins and minerals. Simply mix with water, juice, or your favorite beverage for maximum support!


    Hemp Protein:

    On board with the hemp trend? Our Hemp Protein Supplement delivers a potent helping of this superfood in an unflavored powder. Perfect for shakes, smoothies, and baking recipes!


    Soy Protein Isolate:

    Our Soy Protein Isolate is an advanced formula that really packs a punch! Each scoop delivers 25 grams of protein and an abundant blend of essential and non-essential amino acids. Also, it’s gluten-free, sugar-free and derived from non-genetically engineered soybeans.


    Pumpkin Seed Protein:

    Our organic Pumpkin Seed Protein Powder is perfect for vegans & vegetarians alike. It’s packed with vitamins & minerals and is a valuable source of Plant-Based Protein. Pop it in your gym bag today with a Shaker and go!


    All these plant-based proteins are simple to incorporate into your routine. With great-tasting powders, you can take your protein on-the-go and always have it ready for you come gym time. Preparation and timing are essential components to fitness nutrition.


    Perfecting your Routine:

    Going vegan or becoming a “no meat athlete” requires lots of discipline and clean nutrition. A valuable plant-based meal plan involves lots of GreensNuts & Seeds and other nutritious whole foods.


    By optimizing your diet and adding beneficial supplements, you can support a thriving fitness regimen. The key is in measuring your proteins and finding whole foods from high-quality sources.


    Check out our whole assortment of Sports Supplements to properly build a complete routine. You will find everything from plant proteinspre-workoutcreatinemultivitamins and more. We’ve designed our fitness category to adhere to every need to help you reach your goals!


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