• Where To Go For Fitness In Farmingdale

    Where To Go For Fitness In Farmingdale

    Maintaining one’s physical fitness is one key to a healthy lifestyle. Whether that’s working out, doing an activity you enjoy, or even eating right, there are plenty of ways one can stay in shape. Being physically active can boost brain health, reduce the risk of disease, and offers plenty of other positive effects. Farmingdale has several businesses geared toward helping people get and stay fit, with something for everybody:

    • Work Out At Blink Fitness (450 Main Street)
      • Blink Fitness offers a great workout atmosphere whether you pump iron daily or are looking to start your fitness journey. The all-purpose gym offers machines, treadmills, and free weights for upper body, lower body and core workouts. If you are just starting out, consider registering for a Blink personal trainer. Blink strives to put “mood above muscle” and ensure that everyone - regardless of their workout habits - feels comfortable and gets what they need out of their membership.
    • Take Classes At Orangetheory Fitness (253 Airport Plaza Boulevard)
      • Orangetheory Fitness is not a standard gym where people pay for a membership and decide their own workouts. Instead, a coach guides a class through rowing, cardio and strength exercises with a focus on heart rate. The hour-long classes are structured and overseen by an instructor. For those who want a sense of community and guidance throughout their fitness journey, Orangetheory Fitness may be for you.
    • Train At Fitness On Main St. (320 Main Street)
      • Another option for those looking to get or stay in shape is Fitness On Main St. This business offers personal training or group fitness classes. Personal options include in-studio, remote, at-home or training together with a friend. Small, in-studio classes run seven days a week. Fitness On Main St. also offers nutritional services from consultation and coaching to meal preparation. The goal is for clients to renew their views of fitness and make it a part of their lifestyle. Classes include, but are not limited to, high-intensity bootcamps, yoga, boxing, calorie burning, and exercises that focus on specific areas of the body.
    • Supercharge Your Diet At Nutriwolf (319 Northwest Drive)
      • When you are trying to bulk up, lose weight or get fit, your diet can be just as vital as exercising. Nutrition and workouts go hand in hand toward one meeting their fitness goals. Nutriwolf has you covered as far as food and beverages go. The shop offers protein-packed smoothies and bowls, including acai. You can also order meal prep items through a form that can be printed off the website. Nutriwolf also sells pre-workout, vitamins, protein bars, BCAA/creatine, and more.
    • Get A Massage Or Acupuncture Done At Phoenix Eastern Medicine Center (376 Fulton Street)
      • Sometimes, your fitness and the benefits you get out of exercise can depend on your condition. Phoenix Eastern Medical Center offers fitness products and services that will have you feeling at your best. The center offers a Chinese herbal medicine shop, massages, and acupuncture. A variety of massages are offered, ranging from sports, Swedish or reflexology for athletes and fitness folk; to oncology massages for those undergoing cancer treatments or prenatal massages for those with a baby on the way. Acupuncture, meanwhile, uses tiny needles to promote natural healing and energy flow within the body. Check out the Phoenix Eastern Medicine Center website today to see what massages, acupuncture treatments or products are right for you.
    • Take A Class At 1 More Rep Athletics & Fitness (127 E. Carmans Road)
      • 1 More Rep Athletics & Fitness offers a variety of classes designed to help people get in shape. Classes include yoga; strength, stability & core; lean machine; and me vs. me. The team consists of personal trainers, sports performance specialists, and more. A team of nutritionists can also help you customize a meal plan. Check out the class schedule on the fitness center’s website.
    • Learn Irish Dance At Kender Academy (97 Hempstead Turnpike)
      • Learn the way of Irish dancing from Rebecca Kender, a former competitive and professional dancer. Kender offers a variety of classes geared for all ages, from children up to seniors. The academy was inspired by Rebecca’s mother, Kathleen, who drove Rebecca to every lesson or competition. Dancing is one of many ways to get or stay in shape and healthy. Check out the classes tab on the Kender Academy website to see what’s right for you or your child.
    • Enroll Your Child In Classes At No Limit Ninja (121 Carolyn Boulevard)
      • Make a little ninja out of your child when you bring them to No Limit Ninja! The shared gym has age appropriate classes depending on how old your child is. Kids will have fun on obstacle courses and other equipment that will keep them fit and active. Owner Anthony Giallanzo offers week-long camps, which are a more in-depth version of the classes No Limit Ninja offers. Coaches will teach children how to use the spider climb, angled steps, devil steps, rope, and warped walls.  
    • Shop Supplements, Oils And More At Vitamin Factory Outlet (75 Bi County Boulevard)
      • Vitamins and other dietary supplements can help fuel your body to achieve your fitness goals. Vitamin Factory Outlet offers pills and oils that will help with fitness, weight management, protein intake, sleep, and more.
    • Let Your Child Take Classes At MB Dancers (97 Hempstead Turnpike)
      • Maria Biase started MB Dancers to teach dance classes at a higher level and produce well-rounded, versatile dancers. Class offerings range from children ages 2 through 12 and up. Dancing is a common form of fitness that will help set children on the path to a healthy lifestyle.

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