• Ultimate 14 Strain Probiotic for Your Wellness Routine

    Known as “good” bacteria, probiotics are microorganisms that colonize your digestive system. These organisms are crucial for proper nutrient absorption.

    They are found in a variety of the foods we eat, most commonly yogurt and other dairy products. A quality supplement provides what foods cannot, a hand-selected choice of strains and organisms to help you maintain a proper probiotic regimen.

    At PipingRock, our commitment to quality is evident in our customer-favorite, Ultimate Probiotic Supplement. This unique formulation was carefully crafted by our team of scientists, using specific nutritional ratios and other scientific measures to deliver the quality you need for everyday support.

    Our product is designed using 14 unique strains of probiotics providing you the widest range of support from this good bacteria.

    • 25 Billion Active Organisms

    Features 25 billion active organisms per serving at the time of manufacture.

    • Enhanced Prebiotics & Friendly Bacteria Formula

    We have enhanced our proprietary blend with FOS, a soluble prebiotic.

    Our non-GMO Promise is our way of committing to your well-being. We strive for the best ingredients in every formula, avoiding genetically modified material as often as possible. Our Ultimate Probiotic is non-gmo, gluten-free, and contains no artificial color, artificial flavor, or preservatives. That’s the premium quality you deserve for your wellness routine.


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