• Must-Try DIY Summer Essential Oil Blends

    Summer is the perfect time to channel in the positive sunny energy into your life. These custom oil blends are the best way to bring the positive summer vibes into your home. Combine these blends into a diffuser and relax inside your summer paradise.

    A Royal Pest

    Summertime can unfortunately mean bugs and mosquitoes. Try this soothing blend to keep bugs at bay.


    Orange Creamsicle

    Try relaxing in the sweet refreshing scent that may remind you of your favorite childhood treat.


    Awakening Waterfall

    Envision yourself swaying in the breeze with the sound of crashing water falling in the background.


    Liquid Sunshine

    Diffuse this blend and enjoy all the positive feelings of a bright, sunny day!


    Sweet Sunrise

    Enhance your sunrises and sunsets with this fruity, sweet summer scent!

    We’d love to hear if you try any of these refreshing summer scents. Comment below your favorite blend or any other oil combinations you have been enjoying this summer!