• Homemade bug spray using essential oils

    Keep the Bugs AWAY this Holiday!

    This Labor Day weekend is sure to bring many fun-filled outdoor gatherings and, unfortunately, those bothersome mosquitoes that crash every party. But fear no more! We have some quick and easy ways to keep those annoying pests away!


    1. Fill a spray bottle halfway with distilled water
    2. Fill the remainder of the bottle with witch hazel (almost to the top)
    3. Add Several drops of essential oils until you’ve reached your desired scent.

    Please Note: The more oil you use, the stronger the spray will be.

    While there is no guaranteed method for keeping pesky intruders away completely, using essential oils can help deter these creepy-crawlies from getting too close!

    Here are some of our favorite essential oils for keeping pests AWAY for the holiday:


    Distinctly strong and bold in scent, peppermint oil emits a sharp, minty aroma that bugs simply hate!


    A staple throughout the summertime, citronella oil‘s classic anti-pest aroma is familiarly woody and slightly sweet in scent.


    Piping Rock’s very own 4 Thrive Oil features a proprietary blend of timeless essential oils that can help keep bug intruders away with its spicy, earthy and licorice-like aroma.


    With a crisp and piney aroma, rosemary oil will help keep bugs out of sight.


    For a scent with a little more zest, try thyme red oil which gives off a woody and spicy scent that will keep you alert and the creepy-crawlies away.

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