• Brighten Your Daily Routine with SAM-e

    Popular today in the natural products industry is a supplement known as SAM-e. You may have recently seen it at your local vitamin store or read about it in nutrition blogs. The SAM-e buzz is growing as much excitement has built up over its potential wellness benefit.

    What is SAM-e?

    S-Adenosyl Methionine or SAM-e is a naturally occurring compound found throughout the body. It is involved in many important processes including the synthesizing of certain chemicals such as melatonin and dopamine.**

    SAM-e works with vitamin B-12 and folate (vitamin B-9). A deficiency in either of these two nutrients from many factors can reduce levels of SAM-e in the body.

    This molecule is derived from the amino acid Methionine, which is found in a wide range of meat, fish, and dairy. Your body requires an abundance of Methionine to convert to SAM-e. Below are the strongest nutritional sources of this amino acid.

    Nutritional Sources of Methionine

    Ground Turkey: 931 mg (128% RDI) per 100g

    Beef: 905 mg (124% RDI) per 100g

    Tuna: 885 mg (122% RDI) per 100g

    Ricotta Cheese: 284 mg (39% RDI) per 100g

    Tofu: 211 mg (29% RDI) per 100g

    Milk: 88 mg (12% RDI) per 100g

    Supplementing with SAM-e

    A SAM-e supplement provides a readily available source of this molecule for daily nutritional support. However, not just any product will do, you need a formula you can trust, built upon a commitment to purity, potency, and exceptional quality.

    PipingRock SAM-e is a premium product — a testament to our superior formulation, advanced research, and lab testing.

    This supplement provides 400 mg of SAM-e per serving in special enteric-coated caplets for optimal absorption. It’s naturally free of artificial flavor, sweetener, & preservatives and is the perfect formula to brighten your supplement routine.