• 5 Easy Meditation Exercises plus Peaceful Essential Oil Blends

    It’s easy to get caught up in the stresses and chaos that come along with life’s obstacles. However, it’s important to always keep your center of gravity and balance no matter what comes your way.

    Meditation is the most serene way to get in touch with your inner aura and gain perspective on your life. A successful Meditation routine can help you delve into your deepest thoughts and explore your subconscious to find greater meaning.

    It also helps promote overall wellness and clarity during times of tension. Coupled with a strong Aromatherapy routine, it can have a more powerful effect. Below are “5 Advanced Meditation Exercises” that are perfect for any routine.

    5 Peaceful Meditation Exercises:

    1. Progressive Relaxation:

    Progressive Relaxation involves targeting areas of tension and releasing them through deep breaths. It’s important to focus on these specific areas when breathing.

    Typically, you start from the neck down, scanning your body and becoming attuned to each section. Work your breaths, pushing them down past your torso and out your toes.

    2. Mindful Meditation:

    The goal of Mindful Meditation is to become hyper-aware of your surroundings by staying present in the moment. By focusing on your breathing and your senses only, you will become more self-aware.

    It’s important to remain unjudging to make the most of this experience. Let your flooding thoughts of the past and future flow through your mind without judgment. By focusing on your breathing and what’s around you, your troubled thoughts will lose their control over you.

    3. Kundalini Yoga:

    Kundalini Yoga is a physically exerting form of meditation that combines movements with deep breathing and mantras.

    Deep research has suggested that there are various wellness benefits for practicing Kundalini Yoga.

    However, this advanced form of Meditation has many nuances that can be hard to perfect. Taking a class can help you further reap the rewards of this incredible practice.

    4. Zen Meditation:

    Zen Meditation has been practiced for centuries and is a staple exercise to Buddhism. It’s focused around awakening your senses and achieving enlightenment.

    The key is to achieve physical comfort to isolate your mind and get in touch with your aura. Zen bares much resemblance to Mindful Meditation with added cultural philosophies and nuances.

    5. Transcendental Meditation:

    The goal of this spiritual form of Meditation is to transcend or rise-above your current state of being.

    It’s centered around focusing on a mantra or set of words that is spoken repeatedly. By verbalizing a certain mantra, you can discipline yourself to adhere to certain beliefs.

    Aromatherapy and Meditation:

    It’s essential to become attuned to all 5 of your senses to achieve a heightened, meditative state.

    Many people have found virtues in practicing Aromatherapy in conjunction with these Meditation exercises.  

    Each Essential Oil has its own specific properties and scented notes that help you immerse in a profound mind/body experience.

    4 Peaceful DIY Essential Oil Creations:

    What better way to celebrate World Meditation Day than with your own, fun and simple DIY Essential Oil Creations?

    Each Aroma contains a special fragrance that will bring passion and concentration to your Meditation experience.

    Massage Oils offer a sensual and liberating way to connect with your sense of touch. Below is our favorite, creative homemade creations:

    1. Tranquility Potion:

    Imagine the tranquility and far-reaching vision of sitting on a serene beach with nothing weighing you down… Let these peaceful visions come to life with this clarifying blend.

    Top Note: 6 Drops Vetiver Oil

    Base Note: 4 Drops Ginger Oil

    Middle Note: 2 Drops Angelica Root

    Middle Note: 2 Drops Turmeric Oil


    Mix the 14 drops of essential oil into 10 mL of Jojoba Oil (aka your carrier oil). Shake together in an amber dropper bottle. Let sit for a few days.

    2. Liquid Sunshine:

    Imagine a pink and orange, summer citrus sunset as it slowly melts over the horizon, spilling out its rays.

    Capture this natural serenity and all its beauty with our Liquid Sunshine creation. Enjoy all the positive feelings of a warm sunset as it touches your skin.

    Top Note: 6 Drops Sweet Orange Oil

    Base Note: 2 Drops Neroli Oil

    Middle Note: 3 Drops Petitgrain Oil

    Middle Note: 2 Drops Grapefruit Oil

    Middle Note: 2 Drops Lime Oil:


    Mix the 15 drops of essential oil into 10 mL of Jojoba Oil (aka your carrier oil). Shake together in an amber dropper bottle. Let sit for a few days.

    3. Harmony Blend:

    Find your center with our delightful Harmony Blend. It’s the perfect combination of light, flowery notes and deep earthy aromas for a balanced massage experience.

    The Lavender and Rosewood Oil pair alone is enough to make you feel the vibes of a sweet summer afternoon!

    Top Note: 4 Drops of Lavender Oil

    Base Note: 2 Drops of Bergamot Oil

    Middle Note: 4 Drops of Geranium Oil

    Middle Note: 2 Drops of Rosewood Oil


    Mix the 12 drops of essential oil into 10 mL of Jojoba Oil (aka your carrier oil). Shake together in an amber dropper bottle. Let sit for a few days.

    4. Inner Light:

    Let this blend be the scent that guides you through the toughest of days. Lead by the pristine scent of Jasmine, this creation is sure to uplift your Aromatherapy routine.

    Top Note: 2 Drops of Jasmine Oil

    Base Note: 2 Drops of Myrrh Oil

    Middle Note: 4 Drops of Amyris Oil

    Middle Note: 2 Drops of Rosemary Oil


    Mix the 10 drops of essential oil into 10 mL of Jojoba Oil (aka your carrier oil). Shake together in an amber dropper bottle. Let sit for a few days.

    You are officially ready with all the information you need to celebrate World Meditation Day. The only thing left to do is craft your homemade massage oils and prepare your mind for a transcendent experience.

    Interested in creating more of your own Essential Oil Blends and other creative DIY Products?

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