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    Patients who are discharged from the hospital and aren't quite ready to return home, come to Daleview Care Center for Short-Term Rehabilitation before returning home. Our staff are well trained to care for all types of clinical conditions, and give every patient their best opportunity to get back in shape and return to their prior level of function before their hospitalization.

    Daleview Care Center also has a robust Long-Term Care Program for patients who can no longer safely live at home.

    Serving Farmingdale and all surrounding areas for over 40 years, Daleview Care Center has become part of the fabric of the Farmingdale community. It is difficult to find a family in Farmingdale who hasn't had a loved one in our facility at some point in their healthcare journey.

    Given a perfect 5 Star Rating by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, Daleview Care Center is one of the highest rated nursing and rehabilitation centers in the country.

    To Learn more, please visit our website or call 516.694.9800 ext. 237 to arrange a tour.

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