• ''Winter Guide of Things to do in Farmingdale''

    ''Winter Guide of Things to do in Farmingdale''

    Winter is coming. The cold weather season marks a period of hearty meals, hot beverages, cuddling up to a fire, shopping, and winter sports like football, hockey and basketball. There is a lot to do in Farmingdale to enjoy - or stay warm - during these frigid months. If you’re looking to dine, be entertained or shop in town this season, here are some ideas for you:

    • Catch a Movie at Farmingdale Multiplex Cinemas (1001 Broadhollow Road)
      • Escape the cold outdoors and get into a cozy movie theater to watch the latest cinematic releases. Grab a popcorn, some candy and a soda and enjoy the ever-revolving list of flicks playing at the longtime cinema. Consider joining the theater’s Starpass for films and rewards if you are an avid moviegoer.
    • Enjoy a Hot Italian Meal at Tre Scalini (196 Main Street)
      • When it’s cold outside, you need a hot meal to warm you up. Tre Scalini offers delicious Italian fare from pasta to chicken, fish and veal. Start off the filling meal with a soup or salad and indulge in a dessert and hot coffee to finish it. Tre Scalini also offers party-booking options if you want to bring the whole family or friend group for a gathering.
    • Indulge in a Burger or Other Meal at Burgerology (247 Main Street)
      • Speaking of filling meals, Burgerology is a haven for comfort foods. Grab the eatery’s namesake: a gourmet burger where you can either build your own or order a signature variation named after historical figures. If you’re not in the mood for a burger, you can select from a range of sandwiches, tacos, appetizers, loaded fries, macaroni and cheese, and brunch. True to its scientific name, Burgerology also offers crazy cocktails and “monstrosity-sized” milkshakes sure to keep you full for a whole day. Try the “Campfire S’Mores in a Glass” or Rainbow Cookie milkshake, among others.
    • Catch Some Sports At The Main Event (1815 Broadhollow Road, Suite #6)
      • There are plenty of winter sports to head to the pub for. Football, hockey, and basketball, as well as combat sports like MMA or boxing. The Main Event has you covered, as the sports-themed restaurant has more than 80 high-definition TVs. For food, The Main Event menu carries appetizers, steaks, pastas, burgers, sandwiches, and other entrees. Warm up with a good meal and cheer your favorite teams on!
    • Visit The Prohibition Era At Charlotte’s Speakeasy (294 Main Street)           
      • Hop in your time machine and travel back to the 1920s when you enter Charlotte’s Speakeasy. Enter the inconspicuous frozen yogurt shop, head to the book shelf and give the secret password (it changes weekly on the speakeasy’s website). The underground lounge is actually a restored speakeasy from a historic era in Farmingdale. Experience the Prohibition era, when alcohol was forbidden, and sip on spirits, signature cocktails, beers and wines. If you’re hungry, indulge in high-end appetizers or stone-fired pizza.
    • Drink Some Beers At Necromantic Brew Co. (253 Main Street)
      • If you’re looking for a new watering hole, try Necromantic Brew Co. - Long Island’s first fully-dedicated gluten-free brewery. Owners Ralph Mandarino and Jesse Silano pride themselves on using grains to make delicious craft beer for those who are gluten-intolerant, as well as their support systems. The brewery plans on tapping some winter-themed beers for the season, including Santa’s Bloody Sash (a winter warmer, strong Belgian ale) and Gizmo CA-Quito (a blonde ale version of the Puerto Rican rum-based drink). Soak in the horror flick-themed atmosphere and enjoy some beers!
    • Try Some Soul Food At Dominican Restaurant 4 (305 Main Street)
      • Warm yourself up with a hot Dominican meal at this eatery. There are plenty of cold-weather dishes like stew, steak, chicken, pork, casseroles or mofongo; a dish prepared with plantains mashed with meat or seafood.
    • Dine Out At Vespa Italian Kitchen & Bar (282 Main Street)
      • Vespa offers a lot of delicious Italian food to keep you warm this winter. Go out to eat and try some stone-fired pizza, filling entrees, varied pasta, appetizers and more. Or enjoy lunch or brunch if you’re looking for an afternoon out. Have a cocktail or two with your meal if you would like–you’ve earned it.
    • Enroll Your Child (Or Take An Adult Class) at Farmingdale Gymnastics Academy (121 Carolyn Boulevard, Farmingdale)
      • If you are looking to stay fit this winter, or keep your child busy, consider checking out the Farmingdale Gymnastics Academy. The academy offers classes for kids of all ages and experience levels. Interested in learning gymnastics yourself? Adult classes are offered for people 16 and up. Farmingdale Gymnastics Academy also offers children's birthday parties complete with bounce houses, trampolines and a foam pit, as well as pizza and drinks. Check out the website for more information on enrolling.
    • Brush Up On Your U.S. Aviation Knowledge At The American Airpower Museum (1230 New Highway, Farmingdale)
      • If you are an aviation or U.S. history buff, you should consider a trip to the hangar of the American Airpower Museum. The museum has a collection of authentic, highly-maintained aircraft from the Republic Thunderjet to the Curtiss P-40M “Warhawk.” If you are looking to experience what our nation’s paratroopers have, consider taking a flight experience. The museum occasionally offers D-Day Living History Flight Experiences, where people get to experience some of what our soldiers felt during their historic assault of Normandy during World War II.

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