• Preparing Financially For the New Year In Farmingdale

    Preparing Financially For the New Year In Farmingdale

    A new year means new beginnings - people can embrace the idea of a clean slate or a reset. However, when big decisions are made, it can help to get some consultation or make sure any equipment you need is up to snuff. Especially when it relates to finances. Here are 10 places in Farmingdale that can help you fiscally prepare for the new year and beyond.

    • Get Your Computer Repaired At Computer Service Center (621 Fulton Street)
      • Nowadays, the vast majority of how we do finances is online. Especially when it comes to banking and finances. It’s vital to have a good, up-to-date computer. Computer Service Center repairs and refurbishes computers down to the board level. The shop also sells high-quality pre-owned computers, laptops, monitors and printers. A trip to Computer Service Center can ensure you’re prepared for the new year.
    • Get Your Bookkeeping In Order With Gott Management Services Inc. (640 Fulton Street, Suite 9)
      • Gott Management Services is a business dedicated to bookkeeping, accounting, taxes, and fixing messy Quickbooks. Quickbooks is an accounting software designed for small to mid-sized businesses, helping merchants with payroll, inventory, purchase orders, and more. Gott Management Services helps business owners with installing Quickbooks, charting data, training staff, accounting, sales and marketing, and more.
    • Fill Your Electronics Needs At Sakki Computers Inc. (22B Hempstead Turnpike)
      • Sakki Computers is a one-stop shop for repairing PCs, Macbooks, cell phones, and tablets. The business also offers web design for business owners, CCTV cameras, IT services, and more. Residents and business owners today need every advantage they can get to stay ahead of the financial game. Whether you are looking to be prepared for tax season or are looking for an edge with your business, Sakki Computers is worth a trip.
    • Become A Member Of Bethpage Federal Credit Union (1033 Route 109)
      • At the start of the year, when people strive to get their finances in order, many may consider opening a new account at a bank or credit union. The core difference between the two is, generally, a credit union is not-for-profit. Bethpage FCU returns earnings to members in rates, low fees and other ways. People are considered members, as opposed to customers, at Bethpage FCU. The credit union offers different types of accounts, certificates, loans, and more. Check out the Bethpage FCU website to see how you can open an account.
    • Open A Bank Account At One Of These Farmingdale Locations:
      • Investors Bank (96A Allen Boulevard)
      • M&T Bank (120 Broadhollow Road)
      • Ridgewood Savings Bank (50 Farmingdale Road, West Babylon)
      • TD Bank (2025 Broadhollow Road)
      • Valley Bank (27 Smith Street)
      • Whether you are looking to open your first account or a new one, check out one of these  banks and see which one is right for you. Each bank offers business and personal banking, loans, and more.
    • Visit Suzanne LoBiondo For Accounting And Tax Services (100 Broadhollow Road, Suite 206)
      • Suzanne LoBiondo’s firm services small businesses and individuals in accounting, taxes, payrolls and business practices. The practice aims to provide unique advice, as each client has different circumstances. A visit to LoBiondo can help assure your finances are in order for the new year and whatever comes after. Her office can be contacted at 516-791-1303.
    • Small Businesses, Reach Out To Accountant Joseph Tafuro (65 Nelson Street)
      • Farmingdale is known for its vibrant small business scene. The community has routinely won “Best Downtown” in the Bethpage Best of Long Island Awards. Merchants in need of accounting and tax services can reach out to Joseph Tafuro, who owns Joseph P. Tafuro CPA PC, at 516-574-3140.
    • Consult With Anthony Basile, Certified Public Accountant (185 Froehlich Farm Boulevard, Woodbury)
      • Anthony Basile is a certified public accountant who is credentialed as a certified valuation analyst and certified fraud examiner. Basile’s research has been published in accounting, taxation, education and legal journals. He can be reached at 516-741-5100.
    • Meet With Michele H. Frontino, A Public Accountant (38 Eleventh Avenue)
      • Michele Frontino has owned an accounting business since October 2001 and has a career dating back to 1989, according to her LinkedIn page. Keeping track of finances is crucial to success, and reaching out to Frontino can be helpful for that. Give her a call at 516-694-8616.

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