• President's Message

    Beth Mignone

    As we begin 2021 we hope everyone is Healthy and Happy. We look forward to beginning a new year and remain hopeful for a return to normal.  

    2020 tested everything that we are as Managers, Small Business Owners, independent contractors, and Sales people. Just being open and operational today is a reflection of all the sleepless nights, stress eating, scratching and clawing and creating financial gymnastics we have all experienced since March.  

    What has made it even more difficult was watching huge national firms see increases in revenue and sales while selling many of the same products and services of our small local businesses that were shut down.  2020 has created a situation where winners and losers were chosen.  Those of us who, thus far, have been on the winning side need to advocate for the ones who were tossed into the losing side. Our restaurant members report although better, they have not yet been able to return to true profitability thanks to the loss of parties and tables on Friday and Saturday nights. Our other members who rely on Adult and Children’s Parties and Events, have been hit especially hard. Retail in many cases has not yet made up for losses in March thru July. Once you don’t buy that special someone that piece of jewelry or other gift that revenue is gone forever.  

    So for 2021 I ask you all to advocate for small business every day of this year. Spend your own $ local, and share that on Social Media. Demand local elected officials find ways to even the playing field for our local businesses that have some of the highest taxation, facility costs, and utility bills in the nation, while still giving back to the community every day. I can tell you this will be a major focus for the Chamber this year. 

    Although most events we loved at the end of the year were cancelled I’m proud we were able to hold General in person meetings and Happy Hour networking in a safe and healthy way. We were also able to hold our in person annual installation and awards dinner. 
    Dan Kornfeld, thanks for 15 years of service and for everything you have done to help make the chamber what it is today! 

    Kim Liberz, you more than deserved the Vic Lambert Volunteer of the Year award.  

    Presidents Award recipient Paul Defindini, as the school year is getting more difficult, know the Chamber and the Community have complete confidence in you and your staff and the School Board.  

    Anthony Rahaniotis, welcome to the Board! 

    Congrats to The Farmingdale Community Summit Council on Non Profit of the Year!  

    Thanks to Beth and Jo for organizing this year's Dinner. It was much more difficult with everything up in the air.  Although I missed it, everyone reported it was an excellent event! 

    As always, If I, or the Chamber, can help in anyway, just call! 

    Joseph Garcia
    516-449-2028 cell
    516-845-4700 office

  • Our Mission

    The Farmingdale Chamber of Commerce, Inc. is dedicated to "Building a Better Business Community Together" and to serve the heart of the greater Long Island business area. The Farmingdale Chamber of Commerce, Inc. pledges itself to the following goals.

    • To further the mutual interests of all organizations in their relationships with town, county, village and state governmental agencies.
    • To promote the passage of legislation serving the best interests of our businesses and community.
    • To promote inter and intra-area buying of products and services.
    • To promote beautification of the local industrial and commercial community.