• President's Message

    Beth Mignone

    As we start to emerge from the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic and resulting restrictions I think you all need a round of applause.  Anyone still up and running today has captained their business and crew thru something we have never seen. We also did some great work together as a Chamber.  
    We were on the phone with all layers of Government on the PPP and PPE, and all the other abbreviations we have learned over the last 12 months or so. We were able to continue to do our work, resuming ribbon cuttings, organizing outdoor tailgate meetings giving members a chance to host, and the rest of our time to connect, vent and network.  

    We did charitable endeavors from raising money for scholarships to buying kid’s school supplies, and more. You all helped make that happen with your membership and you should be proud of that and you should let the community know what you did!   

    We were also able to start new programs and events during the pandemic. We instituted the Member of the Week program to help our members get more exposure on social media. Our new Takeout Blitz where we choose a casual dining member or restaurant and promote ordering take-out from them on a specific day.  We ran more frequent member orientations for those who are interested in learning the best way to utilize chamber benefits. We raised thousands of dollars for meals for medical professionals who live in our community, pushing that money to our local food and dining members.  

    All be told - for me, the Board, for Jo - I think this is the busiest year. When we saw so many organizations basically mothballed for the past year, and many layers of government slow to a crawl and run very inefficiently, I’m proud to know the whole Chamber and I fought for Small Business. We fought and responded in any way we could think of, knowing we needed to push forward. That’s what you did to keep your business going - that’s what we needed to do for you.  

    The fight isn’t over yet and we’re still doing all we can.  If you can help, we are asking for contributions to the Chamber’s Farmingdale High School Scholarship Fund.  Donations can be made by credit card to paypal.me/dalerstrong or by check, made payable to Farmingdale Chamber of Commerce, and mailed to PO Box 1166, Farmingdale, NY 11735.  Any amount you can donate is greatly appreciated.  

    As always, If I, or the Chamber, can help in anyway, just call! 

    Joseph Garcia
    516-449-2028 cell
    516-845-4700 office

  • Our Mission

    The Farmingdale Chamber of Commerce, Inc. is dedicated to "Building a Better Business Community Together" and to serve the heart of the greater Long Island business area. The Farmingdale Chamber of Commerce, Inc. pledges itself to the following goals.

    • To further the mutual interests of all organizations in their relationships with town, county, village and state governmental agencies.
    • To promote the passage of legislation serving the best interests of our businesses and community.
    • To promote inter and intra-area buying of products and services.
    • To promote beautification of the local industrial and commercial community.