• Valentine’s Day Quesadillas That Are Super Cheesy

    Valentine’s Day Quesadillas That Are Super Cheesy (Pun Intended)

    Are you looking for a recipe that is equal parts affectionate and delicious? We have just the one for you then. These Valentine’s Day Quesadillas are not only cheesy as can be, they are also heart shaped. The best of both worlds for a quick, cute dinner idea for spending the night in. 

    When it came to crafting these guys, we were inspired by everyone who is pretty lazy about cooking, or just not that great at it. 

    After all, what can be harder than trying to impress your loved one on the day of love? Few things. 

    Photo: Kristin Lanzetta

    For that reason, we figured everyone approves of a quesadilla, and no one can fail at making it. 

    Let’s get started. 

    First things first, you’ll want to gather your materials. In this case, they are pretty simple. You just need 1 pack of Tortillas, 1 pack of Shredded Cheddar, and a heart-shaped cutter.

    After you’ve set your quesadilla-making station up, you can dive into your culinary skills. 

    To start, place one tortilla on a pan over med-high heat. 

    Photo: Kristin Lanzetta

    Sprinkle it with as much cheese as your heart desires. 

    Photo: Kristin Lanzetta

    Fold that baby over and cook it up — flip once. 

    Photo: Kristin Lanzetta

    Remove from heat, and place on a plate. 

    Photo: Kristin Lanzetta

    Using your heart-shaped cookie cutter, shape the quesadilla. 

    Photo: Kristin Lanzetta

    Repeat until you’ve made enough to share! 

    Photo: Kristin Lanzetta

    Eat Them ALL Up!

    Photo: Kristin Lanzetta

    If you’re looking for another way to make the night-in more romantic, grab some of our Essential Oil Wax Melts and Ceramic Wax Melt Warmer for an aromatic experience! 

    Health & Happiness,

    The Piping Rock Family

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