• St. Patrick’s Day Approved Essential Oil Blends For Home

    St. Patrick’s Day is here! Who else is excited? We figured that you’d be, so we whipped together a few Essential Oil Blends that will turn your house into a luck magnet. Or, so we hope. 

    Lucky Rainbow Blend:

    The first blend brings together bergamot and lime. Bergamot is a yellow-green citrus fruit that is exclusively grown in Italy. It has a bright aroma, and can bring a sense of awareness to your surroundings. Lime is a traditionally uplifting scent. So, when paired, they make a pleasant scent that brings the green theme of the day into your home!

    Here’s how to diffuse the blend: 

    + 6 drops Bergamot 100% Pure Essential Oil

    + 4 Drops of Lime 100% Pure Essential Oil

    Spicy Green Blend:

    The second blend mixes together Bay Oil, Cypress Oil, and Rosemary Oil. A more masculine blend with earthy tones and spicy notes. Bay Oil is derived from the leaves of the bay laurel tree that originates in Mediterranean. It has a refreshing aroma that when blended with cypress and rosemary leaves your mind feeling awakened. The perfect blend to keep spirits high at your holiday party!

    Here’s how to diffuse this one: 

    + 6 Drops Bay 100% Pure Essential Oil 

    + 3 Drops Cypress 100% Pure Essential Oil 

    + 2 Drops Rosemary 100% Pure Essential Oil 

    There you have it! Two Patty’s Day approved blends to make your home lucky and ready for the day ahead. 

    Health & Happiness,

    The Piping Rock Family