• The Hybrid Worker Is Here To Stay!

    Offer Valid: 04/20/2022 - 12/30/2022
    Is Your Business Positioned To Suport Them?
    The Hybrid Worker is here to stay.
    Is your Business positioned to support your staff?

    We all know that the last two years have completely changed the office landscape. Many of those who participated in “The Great Resignation”, did so because they did not want to return to the traditional in-office work model.
    One study said 40% of the American workforce will be hybrid workers going forward. Another 10% to 20% or more will permanently work-from-home.
    At Voda we have a solution for every variation of your workforce.
    Office    Home    Hybrid   Field
    Thankfully, with today’s cloud technology you are no longer tied to one place. Our Business Hosted Phone and Conferencing Solutions are easily installed wherever it is you choose to call your Office. Even if you don’t have a brick and mortar office, our phone system can be installed on your cell phone via our ReachUC App. You have total mobility no matter where you are.
    Gone are the expensive upfront equipment costs and lengthy contracts!
    Our systems are tailored to your business needs whether you have one employee or hundreds.  
    Some of our offerings
    Traditional Desk Phone or Desk Phone on our ReachUC Cell Phone APP
    Soft-phone using a Desktop, Laptop, or Tablet
    Audio Conferencing      Video Conferencing
    Call today for a free evaluation and tailored solution to fit exactly what your “Office” looks like today!


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