• True Restorations: Disinfecting Services

    We all at True Restorations hope you, your family, and all of your co-workers safe and healthy. As we follow the news and reports with this unprecedented pandemic, we all wonder when we can go back to our ordinary days and lives, and will it ever be the same. We at True Restorations understand the stress and anxiety of emergency situations cause that is what we do, help families and businesses get through Water , Smoke , Fire , Mold and Storm Damage. Now, as we all know, there is a new crisis that we have to deal with, and True Restorations is here to help. It is so important to know our surroundings where we live and work are safe places to be in, so we want to inform you about our disinfection services and how the process is done. We will apply disinfectant to any home, apartment, office, or any place of business to help eradicate all types of viruses. We invite you to a live Zoom meeting where we will demonstrate and explain our disinfection process.
    Soon will be time for us to get back to those ordinary days, now is the time to get ahead of this and True Restorations is here today to help. Please join us on Friday May 8th at 1:30 as we stream live our team disinfecting to an office setting so everyone can learn the process and see what True Restorations can offer to your clients and your place of residence or business. Please be safe and stay healthy, and hope to see you Friday .
    Please Send Us an Email at Service@truerestorations.com to Respond. We will be emailing an Zoom Invitation for Fridays meeting.