• The Too Tall Giraffe Book Release by Farmingdale Author Christine Maier

    Farmingdale, NY — July 20, 2021 – The Too Tall Giraffe: A Children's Book about Looking Different, Fitting in, and Finding Your Superpower by Christine Maier (Author Academy Elite) shares the story of a giraffe who starts a new school and is bullied for being too tall. What they don’t know is that The Too Tall Giraffe has a superpower.

    Maier’s passion is to empower kids, particularly those with a facial difference, to discover their strengths and use them to help others. Many think that because we look different, we don’t have the same value as others.

    As a member of the Children’s Craniofacial Association Speakers’ Bureau, Christine shares her message of empowerment with children and adults alike.

    The Too Tall Giraffe is available worldwide wherever books are sold.

    What Others Have Said 

    Lisa Moser, author of Miss Conception says, “Parents and educators looking for a book to open a discussion with children about differences should look no further than The Too Tall GiraffeThis book encourages children to be courageous and be themselves, and to accept others as they are.” 

    “A beautiful book about how we’re each different and each brings a unique value to the world. While the story is engaging, the lessons are timeless. Don’t forget to read about the author and illustrator at the end of the book. It will bring a whole new level of appreciation for the book and the depth built into it,” declares Rhonda Bolling, author of Can a Cookie Change the World? 

    About the Author

    Christine Maier was born with a cleft lip and palate and had over 25 surgeries; her first at four months old. Christine not only looked different growing up, she struggled with her speech, and too often, missed school for surgeries and treatments. A learning disability added to her challenges and her small size made her a last-round pick in the elementary school kickball draft. 

    Christine retired from the NYPD in the rank of Sergeant in 2019 and now focuses on helping others find their superpowers. She is a member of the Cleft Community Advisory Council (CCAC) for Smile Train and a member of the Children’s Craniofacial Association Speakers’ Bureau.

    Christine resides in Farmingdale, NY

    Connect at TheChristineMaier.com

    Please contact Christine Maier at Christine@TheChristineMaier.com

    Learn more about The Too Tall Giraffe at TheTooTallGiraffe.com