• Grand Opening & Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony to Celebrate Whiskey Down Diner

    Grand Opening & Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony to Celebrate Whiskey Down Diner

    Farmingdale Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that it will hold a Ribbon Cutting ceremony for Whiskey Down Diner at their grand opening celebration on Wednesday, July 31, 2019 at 11 am.  They are located at 252 Main Street, Farmingdale, NY. 

    We all know that in the restaurant business you cannot be everything to everyone. The concept of the American Diner over the years grew and tried to prove that statement wrong, and in many ways it has. Diners provide many different cuisines on a very large menu, serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, and cocktails. They do so while operating for close to, if not 24 hours a day, is no easy task. It organically kept expanding and expanding trying to serve any type of customer, whatever they desired, at any time of the day; a concept that is overly ambitious and hardly sustainable. However, there have been plenty of successful diners over the past few decades, but inevitably there have been some challenges that have risen. 

    In today’s world with ever growing competition, as well as demand for fresh creative ideas, and a great deal of importance on quality, the Kanaras family believed there was a call for an evolution of the American Diner. Their goal at Whiskey Down Diner is rather simple; to distill the ever-expanding diner menu while still offering a variety of higher-quality options at good value in a fun and casual atmosphere. They believe limiting the size of the menu results in more of a focus, and in return, a better customer experience. They will also be sure to retain important principles and a certain style that is embedded in a Diner, as well as our American culture.

    Farmingdale Chamber is delighted to welcome the Kanaras Family and their classic American Neighborhood Diner to our thriving Main Street. 

    We invite Farmingdale’s Elected Officials, Chamber Members, and all interested Farmingdale residents to join us in welcoming Whiskey Down Diner to the community. Light refreshments will be served.

    For more information regarding Whiskey Down Diner, please visit whiskeydowndiner.com or call (516) 927-8264.