• Integrated Ninja Warrior Program

    New for January 2020!
    Ninja Warrior Program
    Learn to overcome any obstacle
    Children with special needs face unique challenges but Ultimate Ninja Warrior understands the importance of developing fitness programs for them. Your child will benefit from our specialized ninja warrior classes and privates, which provides a safe routine and physical outlet as well as boosting self-esteem and confidence by building your child’s physical fitness. The implementation of physical activity for children with special needs has numerous benefits.
    The Benefits include:
    Improves social interaction.
    Improves focus and function of daily living skills.
    Reduction of anxiety.
    Allows for release of positive and/or negative energy resulting in productive output.
    Core and Neuromuscular Stabilization Training.
    Having fun while getting fit!
    We are now looking to add afternoon class time beginning in January.
    Please e-mail us with any requests or questions:

    One-on-One Training also Available!