• Accepting COVID and non-COVID patients- Daleview Care Center

    Dear Hospital/Community Partners,

    I want to salute you and your coworkers on your heroic efforts fighting COVID-19 on the front lines. You are constantly in our hearts and prayers, and an inspiration to us all. Please continue to be well and be safe.

    I am writing to let you know that our 2 local Skilled Nursing Facilities- Daleview Care Center and Central Island Healthcare - are both willing, able, and equipped to accept both COVID and non-COVID patients that are seeking to discharge at this time.

    Our facilities have successfully maintained a high level of infection control precautions throughout this ordeal by strictly following the DOH and CDC recommended guidelines. Staffing or PPE shortages are not an issue at our facilities.

    During this ordeal we have taken great care in restructuring our facilities, unit makeup, and room assignment criteria to safely accommodate COVID positive patients. At Daleview Care Center we have even been able to segregate our two buildings into a COVID POSITIVE building, and the second building as a COVID-FREE building.

    Please keep in mind that Medicare required 3-day hospital stay is currently waived, as is the required insurance company prior authorization in most cases. We can admit straight from the ER, observation, assisted living, or even community if the patient has an identified Medicare "skilled need".

    Please let us know if/how we can provide any further assistance to make your lives a bit easier.

    Michael Ostreicher, Executive Director
    Central Island Healthcare & Daleview Care Center