• 2019 Recycling Information for TOBAY

    The Town of Oyster Bay Division of Recycling announces a change in collection starting on January 2, 2019. This change is due to a shift in the international markets as a result of increased quantities of soiled paper and cardboard, as well as unrecyclable items, including glass, some plastics and more. These markets now require “clean recycling” and have established new, strict policies. Proper recycling is cost-effective for taxpayers and good for the environment. This change in the marketplace has forced municipalities across Long Island to make similar changes to the way in which recyclables are collected.

    Questions? Call the Recycling Division at (516) 677-5745 or visit http://oysterbaytown.com/recycling/
    Residents are encouraged to:
    • Place plastic (numbers 1 and 2) and metal products inside the recycling bin.
    • Separate paper products and cardboard from plastics and metals and place them beside the pail.


    Dispose all glass products and pizza boxes with your regular garbage.
    You CAN recycle:
    • Clean paper products including mail, newspaper, cereal boxes, egg crates and cardboard boxes. 
    • Empty plastic drink bottles, laundry detergent bottles, and plastic milk containers.
    • Empty steel and aluminum cans (drinks, food, shaving cream, etc.)
    You CANNOT recycle:
    • Coated paper containers (milk, orange juice, broth).
    • Styrofoam and other plastics (takeout food containers, solo cups, plastic bags)
    • All glass and pizza boxes
    • Plastic furniture and toys