• Daler Deals

    Farmingdale is returning to normal with some limitations. Keep our community #DalerStrong by continuing to support our local businesses. Please be respectful of social distancing, and laws that businesses must follow to be open.

    Let JP Property Buyers make you a complimentary, no obligation offer on your house!

    Does your home need work, are you in a tough situation financially, have you inherited a home and are overwhelmed? Many homeowners are in situations where selling their home the traditional way may not be for them. Our very private conversation may put you at ease with no open houses, strangers walking through your home, no publicity and a caring hand. We help those that need to sell, typically in a swift manner and with the utmost of privacy.

    If selling your home the traditional way may not be for you, allow us an opportunity to speak about buying your home in a more private manner.